Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions our potential clients ask.

You need to have the necessary documents with you – passport, visa, driving license. Note that car insurance is also a must. All documents should be on the renter’s name.
Valid drivers license, must be age 25 or older, and also must have proof of transferable insurance coverage.
You should be at least 25 years old to order rental services in Miami. It is possible to state that we have few or no age restrictions. We are ready to help with car rental services experienced drivers who are responsible for their actions and adept to good autos.
It is a specified amount of money that is paid before the start of car rentals take place. It is the additional kind of vehicle damage coverage. If no incidents happen, the made security deposit is returned after the rented car pick-up.
Our clients can order cars in the remote-acting mode with the help of the vehicle delivery / pick-up options. Chauffeur service is available for a higher level of comfort as well. Additionally, the suite of services includes airport transfer, letting of luxury apartments, yacht rentals, and others.

Call Today to Reserve an Exotic Car We believe that you deserve the ultimate service when it comes to luxury car rentals. We provide you with the best customer service possible – the team of experienced managers file orders in the 24/7 mode taking into account each requirement the client has.